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Website Design Services Birmingham: Why They Should Include Google Analytics

Website design services Birmingham and beyond provide a range of design and support resources to ensure that your website is as effective as possible. These include templates for you to work from, website hosting, email addresses linked to your website, and expert design support to build and maintain the front end of your website from the template. However, even with all this expert support, it is still important to monitor your website once it is live to ensure that it is on target and remains so. This is where you need Google Analytics, and need to know how to understand the results.

Google Analytics provided as part of your responsive web design Birmingham package offers a range of statistics that show how visitors are interacting with your website. Through these statistics, you can see how many people are visiting your site, how long they are staying, and what they are viewing while they are there. This enables you to see where your website is working well, and which parts need tweaking by your website designers Birmingham based. For example, if you requested a change to a page, and once completed there was an increase in the number of visitors and the length of time they were on that page, that is a clear indication that the changes worked.

By having access to such software, you can determine the number of new and returning visitors, allowing you to see whether your marketing and SEO is working. If you have few new visitors, you could be hard to find, meaning you need to work on your SEO. Knowing more about your returning customers also helps determine the strength of the buying cycle in your ecommerce website design Birmingham or beyond. A high number of returning visitors, which drops at a specific stage in the cycle, potentially shows a problem at that stage. One of the most common stages where this occurs is at the shopping cart, where unclear processes or security worries lead to shopping cart abandonment.

Google Analytics can also help determine whether your content is engaging, whether people are interacting with your site, and whether you are meeting your pre-determined web design West Midlands based goals. At Starting Point Website Plan, we understand how important it is for your WordPress website design Birmingham to work effectively. We include Google Analytics as standard to help you determine whether your time and money has been well spent. To see more of the resources that we provide for our clients as part of our packages, visit: