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Web Design Agency Birmingham: What Should Your Website Include?

Web design agency Birmingham based chooses are plentiful, but how do you choose between them? There are numerous checks you should carry out on the company itself, but a good level of knowledge on your part also helps. One of the areas you should ensure you are familiar with is the makeup of the website itself. Knowing what pages should be included helps you to make an informed decision as to the expertise of any web design West Midlands based agency you approach and the quality of any templates you use.

There are numerous ways a website can be constructed using a web design company West Midlands based. You can build from the ground up with the help of a Birmingham web design agency, use a template to get the process started, or have the ground work and fundamentals already in place. Regardless of the approach you choose, there are certain pages every website should have. Firstly, there is the home page; this should contain all the relevant information about who you are and what you do, but should not contain too much detail about any one element. The idea of the home page is to encourage the visitor to explore further.

The next page you should include is the ĎAboutí page. The contents will differ from business to business, but it should essentially put a human face to the business, and in doing so engage the visitor and engender trust. The same is true of the contact page. Providing several ways that you can be contacted shows you are serious about customer services. Offering a bricks and mortar address that can be searched for and visited shows you have nothing to hide. These are both pages that any website design agency Birmingham wide that you approach should guide you towards including, and placing in prominent places on your menu.

Further pages that web design agencies in Birmingham should see as important for engendering trust, and showing the wealth of your knowledge and skills, are those that showcase your previous work or provide customer testimonials. Of course, you also need pages that cover your goods and services, but the need for these should be self-explanatory. At Starting Point Website Plan, we understand the importance of your website to your business and can offer guidance every step of the way. We are here to help whether you choose to have us do the work on the template you choose, or you use our WordPress system to do it yourself. To learn more about our approach, visit http://www.startingpointwebsite.com.