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Sourcing Impactful Images

As they say a picture paints a thousand words which is why having images that make an impact are crucial to your website content. No one wants to trawl through pages of text when an image can communicate your message more effectively. However, finding that perfect image can be a challenge. We suggest the following two options;

Hire a Professional Photographer

If you have a unique service or product that you want to showcase to the world, then the best option is to enlist the services of a professional photographer. However be warned, this can be costly especially if a studio set is required to be built or the shoot is to be taken on location. If this is the route you decide upon make sure that you develop a clear brief for what you are looking for and shop around making sure you get references of their work.

Purchase Stock Images

There is an array of online photography catalogues available where you can simply purchase the images. This option will ensure that you have the copyrights to utilise the images. We recommend StockUnlimited and iStock Photo.

There are a plethora of images available freely on the internet for example Google Image search. However, these are not always in high enough resolution to be used when printed or blown up and they are not always copyright free leaving you open to liable claims.

Whatever you decide, just remember when a visitor lands on your website they want to be engaged with the content – make it memorable!

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