Starting Point Website Plan

Creating a Road Map for your Website

Only a foolish person would attempt to climb a mountain or trek through a jungle without a map or guide. Your website is no different, it is unknown territory for your visitors and therefore it is your responsibility to ensure that they can navigate easily around your website.

Hopefully our helpful tips will help you to get your visitors from A to B with the desired outcome for your business;

Creating a tempting Menu

Now that they have landed on your website ensure your visitors can easily find what they are looking for with clear and easy to use menus. Whether these are displayed horizontally or vertically they need to be visible at all times. Consider using anchors to leave the menus static and the rest of the information can be scrolled through. Maybe drop down menus would work better for you should you have lots of informative pages. However you set up your menus, try to enable your visitor to access the information within three clicks, no one wants to look for a needle in a haystack!

Create Flow

As much as we would love visitors to spend hours on our website, we want them to do this for the right reason and not because they are confused. When designing your website consider the journey you want the visitor to take and build this into the design. Maybe add buttons to show them the next step required or suggest pages that they should visit next. What you want them to ultimately do though is activate the call to action you want them to make.

Don’t let them Escape

It’s great to have lots of content that can be downloaded from your website that informs and educates your potential customer, however keep them on your site. If you add articles, blogs or documents ensure that they open in a separate window so that when they close down the page they do not close the whole website. There is nothing more frustrating than to have read an interesting article to only close it down and have to search for the website again for the company website.

Make your call to action Clear

This is ultimately your end goal. Whether it is to get in touch or make a purchase this is your destination for your website. Your call to action should be clearly visible on every page and it should be simple to understand. Consider using an online form as your contact page, online chat service or call back service.

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