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Resizing Images

So you’ve found your perfect image, but when you upload it onto your website or social media it either doesn’t work or just doesn’t look right. The process of uploading images is more than just finding the right image, you also need to know how to resize them and to the right size.

We have put together some guidelines on sizes for different media and what packages can help you to resize that perfect image.

How can you resize images?

Free online image resizing tools

Paid for image resizing tools

So now we know where you can resize your images the next step is to know what size they need to be;

For Your Starting Point Website

Dimensions – Physical size

When you upload an image to your Starting Point website, WordPress will automatically create:

You can therefore always choose to use your full size image, or the Medium or Thumbnail. These default file sizes can be changed under Dashboard, Settings, Media.

File size

This is the most important part of preparing an image for your website. Images with a large file size take longer to download to a visitor’s browser and slow down your website.

For most ‘full page’ web images, you want the image to be 80Kb-100Kb at most. If the image is only part of a page (e.g. half the width of a blog post), then 20Kb-30Kb is usually fine.

For Your Social Media Profiles





Whatever the reason you need to resize an image for, just remember having a blurred and disproportionate image can be worse than having no image at all.

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