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Making your Content Engaging

Keyboard at the ready and all of a sudden you experience writer’s block! Creating content for that blog or case study can be a challenging experience. Not everyone has the skills or creative flair to put together an engaging literacy masterpiece, but without the resources of hiring a good copywriter it leaves no choice but to attempt the task yourself.

Hopefully our helpful tips will help you to craft your content to make it appealing enough for your visitors to engage in your website.

Capture them from the start

Make sure that that first sentence hooks the reader in, of course this is the hardest part of writing a blog post. That’s because the first sentence should be able to reel in the reader, and at the same time, give them an idea what your post will be all about.
Maybe start with a thought-provoking question or a statistic to get their attention. Whatever it is, it has to make an impact that makes the reader think “what’s this all about, I want to read more”.

Keep it snappy

No one wants to read pages and pages of content. Make sure the content is presented in short sentences and too eloquent (not everyone likes to read Shakespeare). Think about your audience, remember they may not be as knowledgeable of the subject as you are so keep it jargon free where possible.

Involve Your Audience

When creating your content ensure that you maintain the 2nd person writing style, and incorporate words like “you” and “your.” This will significantly impact your audience. By doing so it will resonate with the reader and enable then to engage more effectively with the content.

Keep it current

Regularly scan industry press and the internet to identify trends and hot topics. Capitalise on these by ensuring that your content is relevant and attractive to your readers. It will also help with your SEO (as long as you have got the keyword data correct).

Don’t try and Sell

Refrain from using your blog content as a selling tool. No one likes to be sold too. Simply see your content as a way to educate your potential customers and add value to the service that you provide so that you become a source of valuable information. This is turn will develop a level of trust and make readers more likely to want to buy from you in the future. The more you try to pitch your audience with an aggressive marketing message, the more that they will shy away.

Add a call to action

We know now that content shouldn’t be seen as the hard sell, but ultimately we are in the business of selling. Ensure that you provide a call to action so that the reader knows what to do next. This might be to download another article, sign up to your newsletter or to make contact with you for more information (your opportunity to upsell). Whatever you do don’t let your reader be left hanging.

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