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Blog, Blog and more Blogging

Firstly let’s explain what we mean by a blog. A blog is typically a piece of content that is 500 words long and seeks to educate and inform the end reader, what it is not is a sales pitch. It is important to remember that it is not an opportunity to sell a service or product, it is in fact a tool in which to demonstrate your kudos within the industry and your level of knowledge on a subject so that you can become a source of valuable, informative and trusted resources.

There are a number of benefits of regular blogging. When we refer to ‘regular’ we mean at least twice a month. If this seems like a lot of effort maybe the below reasons for doing so may convince you to start creating your blogging schedule.

Gets Your Brand Out There

The great thing about writing a blog is that it can be used for a variety of purposes in which to get your brand name out within the marketplace. By having a blog on your website it invites potential customers to return to your site regularly as well as providing added value to your existing customer base.

It can be shared via social media and hopefully others will see the value of the content and they will share/retweet it out to their followers creating an even wider reach for your business. Guest blogging is also a great way of building your reputation, so look to see if complementary sites would like you to create content for them to share too.

More Visitors, More Often

By producing regular content and posting it onto your website it will encourage more visitors to visit your website and to follow your social media profiles. Over time you will be hopefully seen as a valuable resource that people will constantly refer too. In turn that trust and loyalty will encourage visitors to promote your products and services who will subsequently visit your website.

Not only that Google loves fresh new content, thus by regular blogging you become the search engines’ friend. Gradually you will see your website move up the search engine rankings as you become a more reputable and updated website.

So what are you waiting for, chose a topic that you think visitors will be interested in reading about and get writing. Remember not to sell!

You can create and maintain your own blog as part of your Starting Point Website because all of our sites come with blogging tools included. Simply give us a call on 08000 388 160 or email us on to see how we can help you get ahead of your competition.

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