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Birmingham Web Design: Questions An Agency Should Ask You

Birmingham web design agencies need to know certain details about you and your company before they can take the template you have chosen and turn it into a unique, exciting, and useful website. Some of these questions are obvious, such as the name and contact details of your business. But, some might not be so obvious if you have never approached professional website designers Birmingham before. Here are some of the questions you should expect to be asked, if none of them are, then that is a sign you should walk away.

One of the questions your affordable web design Birmingham based agency should ask is what it is your business does; do you sell goods or offer a service? They should also want to know whether you have a bricks and mortar store or whether you sell exclusively online. This will affect the type of pages you require, as well as whether you need a secure payment gateway to be included. Closely linked to this is the purpose of your website. Your web design West Midlands based agency should want to know whether you are trying to drive interest, increase sales, or are looking to encourage customer interaction on other channels.

Your cheap web design Birmingham wide agency should also want to know about your intended audience. Your visitor sector affects your content, its style, and the language that is used, as well as the type of content that is included. It will also affect the SEO and Meta tags, as different customer segments have different search habits. At Starting Point Website Plan, we always ask questions to ensure that our web designs are unique to each client. Learn more about us and the templates that you can start with at Alternatively, contact us on if you have questions of your own.