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Affiliate Referral Programme

The Starting Point Website Plan Affiliate Referral Programme couldn't be an easier way to help your contacts and generate some additional revenue.

When your affiliate application is received and accepted you will be given a unique referrer/discount code that you can send to your contacts.

Offer a £100 discount to your contact & make money at the same time!


Your contacts use your code to obtain a £100 discount on the usual £599 price of a Starting Point Website, this is their incentive to enter your code and your way to offer your contacts a special discount.

Once the order is received with your code attached you will be credited with your affiliate bonus. The bonus' work on a sliding scale, the more customers you can refer the more money you can make on each referral.

How much can you make?

There is no limit to how many customers you can refer and here's the breakdown of how much you can earn for each referral:

Affiliate Programme Rewards

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