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Starting Point Website Plan Web design for £599+VAT Web design for £599+VAT


Need to supe-up your website? You can order Power-Ups to give you site a little extra zing.

Logo Design

Need a snazzy logo?

If your business is so new that you don't yet have a logo, we'd be more than happy to create one for you. You'll get three options to choose from and, based on your feedback, we can tweak the logo design until you're totally happy.

Price: £89+VAT

Google Marketing

Want to get found in Google?

We also offer Digital Marketing strategies comprising of highly targeted Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising aimed at a wide range of specific, niche keywords within Google's search results page.

The service includes the following:

  • Longtail Keyword Research
    Researching highly targeted, low cost, keywords & phrases.
  • Pay Per Click Advertising Campaigns
    Establishing & managing Google AdWords PPC campaign to generate traffic.
  • Monthly Report
    A simple to follow monthly report highlighting the progress of the campaign and best performing keywords.
  • Price: £139+VAT per month

Content Writing

Professional words to sell your message

A professional copywriting service for your website's text content is a great way to ensure the message being sent by the website is communicated effectively. High quality, personalised and relevant web copy that makes the right impact is essential and where most business-owners struggle, as writing about their business can be daunting and difficult to focus on.

Price: £59+VAT per page

Blog Post Writing

Build your reputation and traffic with quality content

Blog articles are an ideal way to interact with the website's users and promote the expert knowledge of the business. Blogs that are produced regularly can have a great return for search engine prominence and be used in social media and email communications to really build a willing audience. However it can be particularly difficult to produce quality blog post on a regular enough basis to be effective as other priorities often out-weight best intentions.

Price: 2x blog posts per month £89+VAT per month

Price: 4x blog posts per month £159+VAT per month

Email Accounts

Create new email accounts

Fill out a simple form and we'll create a new email account - 1GB inboxes are free and you can have as many as you'd like. You can also increase the size of your email accounts by the gigabyte upto 10GB.

Price: £Free for 1GB

Price: £1 per month+VAT per additional 1GB

Secure server Certificate

Additional security and Google loves them too

It is becoming more important to have your own Simple Secure Server (SSL) Certificate, or https website address, particularly for customers sending personal information via the web, this can even include their email address.

Plus, Google loves to see a site with a https address and it is thought they give more prominence to sites that have SSL certificates.

Price: £6+VAT per month

Live Chat

Create new email accounts

A third-party Live Chat feature can be included in the website to allow for instant customer support interactions via the website. This means your customers can feel confident when using your website and get instant answers to their questions.

In addition Live Chat can be used for gathering user details which can be used to follow up with prospects that visit the website.

Price: £49+VAT

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